A day in Boston

A day in Boston

I always remember being really drawn to New England growing up. I liked the cold and I loved the idea of being around water and the city all at once. When my friend started college at Emerson last year, I jumped on my chance to visit. So, At the end of September I found time between my overloaded course schedule and internship to jet off to Boston for a mere 40 hour trip. 

We couldn’t make any plans for when I arrived because my flight landed at 10 on Friday night. My flight left Boston on Sunday at 7am, therefore I only had time to do anything on Saturday. The biggest challenge was finding a balance between the gluten-free places and the actual sightseeing. Here is my guide to a day in Boston.

Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market reminded me of Chelsea market in New York, but I honestly think I prefer this one. The market is huge and features dozens of specialty food shops all in one location, so you can eat your way through this place. There is certainly something for everyone here, even the pickiest of eaters. On Saturdays, you can find the farmers market outside that is almost as large as the market itself. They have an annual Harvest Festival every year coming up in October, if anyone happens to be in New England then.

Boston Public Market in the morning. The tents ahead hold the farmers market

Fanueil Hall Marketplace

Down the street from Boston Public Market, Fenueil hall and their counterpart, Quincy Market, is a shopping center like no other. with outdoor spaces, small indoor market spaces and music and performance spaces. Saturday evenings, Fanueli hall can be a hot spot for outdoor movies and concerts. Street performances are a well-known part of Fanueil Hall and you’d likely find a few at a time on the weekends. My personal favorite was the Ghiradelli chocolate shop because they had a cafe! Fanueil Hall also has an allergen guide on their website for any fellow gluten-free people.

Fanueil Hall Marketplace

Boston Harbor

Walking from Fannueli hall to the harbor may not have been our brightest idea, but it was a beautiful day and the walk was fairly simple. I really just wanted to see the harbor and that’s what I got. We passed by some adorable storefronts, cute townhouses and a very cool graveyard on our walk to the bay. 

Along the Harbor is plenty of walking trails and spots to stop and take photos, read a book or enjoy a picnic. It does get chilly pretty fast, but the harbor is mostly free of crowds and makes a perfect rest stop!

Salem St. Boston, MA
Prince St. Boston, MA
Prince St. Boston, MA

Tavern in The Square

I take my gluten-free food searches very seriously. And I say this with the most sincerity that in all of my travels, Tavern In The Square is my favorite restaurant I have found. I still, almost a whole year later, think about the chicken tenders and tater tots that I got there almost every week. A full gluten free menu, extensive menu for the gluten-eating people, and considered the area’s #1 baseball bar, so really, this place has everything. It’s huge, it’s cozy, the prices are reasonable, and I would move north solely for their food. 

You can find my initial review of Tavern in the Square here, with the rest of my gluten-free finds in Boston!

If you find yourself in Boston for a day, check out my map! This was our walking trip through the city which included Boston Public Market, Fanueil Hall Marketplace, the graveyard we found, our harbor spot and Tavern In The Square, but we passed plenty of places worth checking out as well!.