A global pandemic and the struggles of the post office

If you’ve purchased anything online in the last month, you’ve likely been informed of possible shipping delays. Amazon prime no longer offers two day delivery for prime members and has very loose estimates of when their prime products will arrive to customers. Many online retailers have delays due to some of their facilities being in states with mass shut downs, like New Jersey. Because most people are turning to the internet to get things like clothes, home goods, supplements and entertainment, the post office has been overwhelmed and understaffed, like every other industry that’s considered essential.

I ship up to 80 packages a week through Etsy. I rarely use the post office anymore since we have Mountain Postal nearby, which does the same thing but offers me more options than the standard $7 shipping for each product. When my Etsy shop went viral with my masks, I had 80 orders in a week and close to 200 masks. Thankfully my shipping profile allows me to take a week to process and ship out, which I need when I have such a large amount of orders to make and package.

So last week I sent out some packages on Monday and the remaining 40 from my huge set of orders on Thursday. We thought taking them to the city post office would be the most direct and get them there faster, but that was a huge mistake.

Saturday I got some messages from customers asking if I had even shipped them, and I noticed my tracking was not updating. Monday, I got in touch with the post office and it went about as well as you would expect. I’ll just let you see for yourself.

So we were going to go to the post office Tuesday morning and try to get some answers. Luckily, my packages were all en route when I checked Tuesday morning.

However, after a five-day delay, my packages were not processed at the city post office. The packages made their way back to my hometown post office where they were scanned and sent out, 5 days later. I would love to know what happened and how in the world my packages ended up at an entirely different post office to be processed, or what took so long, but I’m just glad that they’ve all been delivered.