A Review of My Gluten-Free Adventures in New York

A Review of My Gluten-Free Adventures in New York

For my 20th birthday, my best friend and I went to New York City. I was most excited about the gluten-free options in New York City. In my eyes, a bigger city meant bigger and better food opportunities.

The first place on our list was Tu-Lu’s Bakery. My first choice for bakeries was Erin Mckennas Bakery, but it was almost twice as far away from Times Square and we had limited time. So we settled for Tu-Lu’s, which had the same options as the other bakery and was much easier to get to.

When I arrived and started to look over my options, I expected that my bill was going to come close to $40. Thankfully I highly overestimated and got a lot of amazing goodies for $17. I’m sure the treats would have been better if I ate them fresh, but instead, I insisted on carrying them around in the heat and sun of the city and the entire 4-hour bus ride home.

I got 3 mini cupcakes, one regular-sized vegan chocolate cupcake, two donuts and a coffee cake. The mini cupcakes were vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet, which I had not had before. The red velvet was good, I’m still not really sure how it’s better than vanilla or chocolate, but it was good. I had also never had coffee cake before. It was a little stale when I got to it since I waited a whole day and a half to eat it, but it was great! I really really love donuts, and these weren’t perfect, but they were good. I have been searching for the perfect gluten-free donut forever and I hoped New York City had them, but my search is still continuing.

After our lovely trip to the bakery, we planned to walk to The Butchers Daughter for brunch. It was about 6 blocks which were not bad, and we were going to eat there on the way to Chelsea Market. Since it was my first time in New York City, I made a rookie mistake and thought we could go to a very popular restaurant on a sunny Saturday without reservations. We got to the restaurant and there was a line down the street! At this point we were hot and starving, so we continued on to Chelsea Market where we found Freidmans for lunch.

Freidmans was actually our dinner plans, so I was familiar with the menu. It worked out really well because I had been dying to try the blueberry pancakes on the menu, and they were brunch-only items. To save some money and keep us from wasting any food, we split our lunch. The pancakes were worth the long exhausting walk to get them and I will definitely be getting them the next time I’m in the city!

We ended our trip in Times Square since we were leaving from there. I wasn’t prepared for dinner since we already ate at Freidmans, but we found The Counter, an amazing burger bar right in Times Square. The burger bar had gluten-free buns and fries and introduced me to a combination I will never move on from; avocados on a burger. Maybe it’s not just a New York thing, but I have never seen that as an option before! So I got avocado on my burger, and my life will never be the same.

my dinner from The Counter

*As always, everything in this post is 100% gluten free.