Best Gluten Free Foods in Boston

Best Gluten Free Foods in Boston

A few weeks ago I went on my first solo trip (ever!!) to see a dear friend in Boston. It was a whirlwind 40 hours that was filled with delicious gluten free foods. We really packed our day and stomachs. While I’ll share my favorite sites from Boston in another post, I want to share the food highlights first.

No. 1 – Tavern In The Square

I have been thinking about the lunch I had here every day since I left Boston. Their whole menu is marked with that is and is not gluten free and they had so many options without requiring any accommodations! We got the gluten free Tater tots and the cornflake fried chicken tenders and devoured them. Neither I or my friend can remember which sauce we ordered, but I wholeheartedly believe that anything will taste good with these.

Photo credit to @foodinvazn on Instagram (I was too excited to take a photo before I ate)

No. 2 – Jennifer Lee’s Bakery

This place is truly a godsend. It’s completely allergen free and has delicious baked treats and meals available! Located in Boston Public Market, my very favorite treat was the cinnamon rolls, which I got half a dozen of and brought home. It’s so hard to find gluten free cinnamon rolls and its so amazing that they are allergen free!

Photo credit @msjenniferlee on Instagram

No. 3 – EAT. By Chloe

Undoubtedly the cutest restaurant I’ve ever been to has an all vegan and mostly gluten free menu of foods and baked goods. This was our last stop of the day in Boston and I grabbed a perfect dinner and some goodies to take home from the storefront. I picked up a gluten free cupcake as well as a giant cookie and both of them were incredible. The cookie is probably my favorite gluten free cookie I’ve ever had, and the cupcake was pretty high on the list as well.

For dinner I found something that I loved to eat at home – avocado pesto pasta. If you haven’t tried this amazing dish, do it. Whether you’re fortunate enough to live in New England or not, go get some or make your own with avocados and a blender. It was to die for.

No. 4- Thinking Cup

This was our breakfast spot which had plenty of wonderful gluten free options, but the game changer was their pumpkin donut. I took this one home with me as well and I wish I had gotten a second one. I’m not sure what the frosting was but it tasted incredible and they added pumpkin seeds on it which created a perfect combination of salty and sweet.

I’d like to note that Boston is super ahead of the game when it comes to food accommodations, at least compared to Washington D.C. I could only squeeze in so many places in one day but in the 4 restaurants I went to I did not have to ask for a single change to what I ordered to make it gluten OR dairy free. Boston, I love you.

P.S- the biggest thank you’s in the world to Mollie and her roommate, Anna for hosting me.