Eating Gluten Free in Los Angeles

Eating Gluten Free in Los Angeles

While I focused on exploring LA, I never made a list of the gluten free restaurants I absolutely had to go to. However, I hit up my favorite bakery, Erin  McKennas, my favorite New York burger bar, The Counter, and took advantage of the delivery services. In my five days around L.A, we went to 7 restaurants. 

Friday evening in Burbank

I’ll be honest, I have no idea where we ate Friday night because I wanted dinner at 3pm and had Chipotle delivered. I do know that it was a chinese place in Burbank across from Chipotle. I ordered sticky rice because I felt bad for having eaten dinner without my friend and his roommates. 

Thanks to my weird location-sharing app with my mom, I discovered that we went to JINYA ramen bar. Not a gluten-free friendly place, but it was super cute. 

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday morning we went to the Tipsy Cow and I blanked on the fact that Brunch was lunch, so I had bacon. It was really good bacon, though. They had gluten free buns and bread on the menu, and the salads would be safe, I just forgot about Lunch. I don’t recall a gluten free menu, but I also didn’t think to ask for one. If you’re in LA, try this place for a perfect brunch, according to my friends who went every other Saturday.

Tipsy cow, Sherman Oaks, CA
(this is definitely not on the gluten free menu)
Thank you, Victoria, for the picture!

I’d say tipsy cow is a fail but thats on my part. The place was adorable, friendly staff, great bacon. Will actually try for real if I ever make it back to L.A.

Next we went to Erin Mckenna’s where I only spent $41. Their giant cookies may actually make me happier than the donuts. Really I can’t choose and if someone said I had to, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Their brownies were not as good as the ones we make at work, but the rest was fantastic. My only regret was not trying a samoa donut or getting more than one cookie. 

Inside Erin Mckenna’s
Larchmont, CA

We wound up in Malibu around 5 o’clock and forgot about dinner until we got there. After turning around, we made it to a cute shopping center in Malibu. There weren’t gluten free options other than a very expensive pizza, but there was a Subway with gluten-free wraps! I was very happy and ate half of my wrap and put the rest in my bag for later. 

We found the cutest little shop in the world next to Subway (even their website is adorable). They had a cafe, but they also had ice cream and vegan ice cream. We came for for the photobooth wall, but I scored some vegan strawberry banana ice cream on the way out. 

Le Cafe de la Plage
Malibu, CA

We had Dodgers tickets on Sunday and I was excited about their gluten-free concession stand the internet said existed, but it was closed. I got $8 popcorn when we got to the game and we searched for the concessions after the 7th inning ended only to find it closed. So off we went to the counter, where I ordered my most favorite meal and ate some more treats from Erin McKenna’s. 

Universal City

Monday was a difficult day for me in many ways, mainly food. During a failing attempt to find food at Universal, I went to the Jurrasic cafe to order their chicken dinner and the chef said it was not gluten free, so I had to get a burger. I forgot to ask for no cheese since I left my lactaid at home (Fail #6 of the trip, but who’s counting?), so I only had a few small bites of my lunch.

Citywalk was next on the to do list, so around 4 o’clock and after having a stomach ache all day, I found mashed potatoes on the menu at Hard Rock Cafe so that’s where I went. I managed to stretch my time there out to two hours by making a 4-course dinner out of ginger ale, mashed potatoes, a mimosa and a pulled pork sandwich. I asked my mom to choose my dinner because hard Rock had such an extensive gluten-free menu (thanks mom), but I still wish I got the chicken wings instead. Anyways, the mashed potatoes stole the show. Thank you, Hard Rock Cafe. 

Gluten free pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and french fries
Hard Rock Cafe
Universal City, CA

Monday night my friend took us to Chipotle after work, but since I already ate I got chips. This is chipotle bag number 3, if anyone’s counting. Tuesday my body had enough of the fun I was having, so I stayed home and ordered a $4 taco from Sharky’s. The soft taco shell wasn’t great, but the food came in an envelope designed to look like a shark.

Tuesday night we went to Encino’s Pizza Cookery, which I regret not going to before because I loved it. They had a gluten free and vegan menu almost as big as the regular menu, and the spaghetti was amazing. 

If I ever find myself lucky enough to return to LA, my restaurant list has already been started. Yes, it ends, and begins with Encino’s.