Feminist products that aren’t fast fashion

Feminist products that aren’t fast fashion
Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

In 2018, we’re saying no to fast fashion. Yes, that means we pay more money for our clothing, and maybe we don’t have the ease of access that the world of fast fashion provides, but it’s worth it.

Since now is the time for everyone to be proud of being a feminist, everyone deserves to show their pride (without the guilt of fast fashion). Here are my favorite feminist pieces that are safe from sweat-shops and big corporations.



If You Are Neutral In Situations Of Injustice t-shirt

Womens rights are human rights t-shirt

Star wars feminist t-shirt

The future is female shirt


Rainbow fist enamel pin

Human rights enamel pin

BlueQ girl power socks

feminist keychain


the future is female printable poster

resist sticker

equal rights mug

Where to find your own:

Women are celebrated because every single one is unique in what they wear, what they do, who they identify as, and what makes them feel good. There are products out there for every woman who wants to show their feminist side, and you can find them! Feminist Apparel is a company who partners with women artists to use their art for clothing and accessories. Etsy and local shops are the other go-to places that can have amazing finds. If you live near a city with small business, there are usually hidden gems in a lot of them. Just look for women-owned, or women-ran stores.