Four Days in Los Angeles

Four Days in Los Angeles

If you’ve spoken to me in the last 2 months or follow my blog, you definitely know I went to California over the summer. Yes, I will (probably) stop talking about it eventually. But not yet. I technically had 5 whole days there, but the first day was mostly spent asleep because my flight didn’t land until almost 2am. So really, I had four whole days, but we managed to fit a lot in! We really did everything we (I) wanted to. 

Before I actually got there my friend suggested going to Catalina island for a day, which sounded pretty amazing, but it would have taken an entire day and there was just not enough time to do that and everything else I wanted to do. Maybe next year. So here is our fairly well planned out 4ish days in Los Angeles

Friday- Sleep and Burbank

Friday didn’t really count. We went to dinner in Burbank, helped a friend move out, and I made took advantage of the fact we were in a city and I could use one of the dozens of delivery services. So I got groceries delivered, got locked out of the apartment, took a trip to TJ Maxx and saw LA and palm trees for the first time in daylight and went back to sleep for a while. I don’t think I took a single picture on Friday, except maybe of some random palm trees.

Saturday – Hollywood, Larchmont, Malibu

Saturday started around food and ended by driving through California without headlights. 

One of the most important things on my list of things to do was go to my very favorite bakery, Erin Mckenna’s, but you can read all about that on my Gluten Free Food guide here. My friends coworker was leaving Saturday afternoon, so I tagged along on their farewell brunch and then we dropped her off at the airport. Then we went to what we all thought was Santa Monica until we got there and I realized the bakery had two locations in Los Angeles. So we wound up in a super cute neighborhood with unique shops, friendly cats and good food.

 Since we were not in Santa Monica where we expected to be, my friend suggested we go to the walk of fame since we were apparently so close to it. Sunset blvd was not on my to do list, but I needed gifts for my family and it was probably the best place for that. So we saw some stars, a lot of people and wound up in the Church of Scientology for a while. Is that not what you’re supposed to do when you go visit?

After we got out of our improvised experiment in the Church of Scientology, we went to Rodeo Drive for a while. We had a pretty drive through some nice neighborhoods where I wouldn’t shut up about the palm trees, we passed the Beverly Hills hotel and found some decent parking before we wandered down Rodeo Drive. There were, unsurprisingly, a lot of people, and a lot of nice cars. Do they reserve the parking spaces outside of the shops for the really fancy cars? Are the cars just display? I have so many questions. There were two lamborghinis, one was holographic and the other was blue. The holographic one apparently gets rented out for people to drive up and down Rodeo Drive. Couldn’t tell you why. 

My friend said we should go in Gucci but there was a line out the door which I thought was unnecessary so I dragged him into Prada and then we walked around Luis Vuitton. For all the Pretty Woman fans, Luis Vuitton was formerly the store Giorgio that she went shopping at. Then I dragged my friends into the Hermes store and we laughed at the fact none of us knew how to pronounce the store we were walking around in. I only went into the store because I thought it would be my only chance to see a Birken bag in my life, and they didn’t have any which I thought was rude. They did have nice public bathrooms and the store was like an architectural masterpiece so it wasn’t a total waste. We walked around some more and headed back to the car for our drive to Malibu.

This was the most poorly thought-out part of our whole trip, but it turned out just fine. My friend wanted to take us to Point Dume in Malibu for the sunset, so we drove all the way there and when we found a parking spot I realized it was almost 6 and I needed dinner. So my very patient friend turned around and drove ten minutes back to civilization and we found a subway at Point Dume Village center.

This little place in Malibu was surprisingly not super accommodating to gluten-free diets, BUT subway had rice wraps so I did that and we sat outside and had our dinners (side note: don’t trust anyone who tells you there’s no gluten in L.A). It was beautiful out, and the cute shopping center we were in had signs everywhere about being private property so paparazzi weren’t allowed which was fascinating. 

Then we made it back to point dume, had a little bit of a hike and watched the sunset. This was definitely my favorite part of the trip. However, malibu is COLD. I did not bring pants to California. I did not bring pants or any sweaters or jackets because it was August and California is supposed to be warm, but apparently that’s not always true. The ocean is absolutely freezing and the lack of humidity and breeze makes it cold really fast. 

Once it got dark, we walked a long way back to our car but it was really nice out once we got off the cliffs and there wasn’t a soul around. We passed a couple of 20 million dollar houses and then headed home. When we actually got back to the car neither of our headlights were working, so we spent the rest of the trip without them. But it was fine!!

Sunday – Santa Monica, Baseball and Mullholland Drive

Sunday we had Dodgers tickets at 1:00, so we went to Santa Monica in the morning and then the baseball game. The stadium is super cool and the view is stunning,  so it was definitely worth the time and money. Tickets were not expensive and it was super exciting to be at a baseball game where the home team is insanely good (sorry, Baltimore) (Side note: I also wrote this article before the Nationals went to the World Series).

Dodgers Stadium August 11, 2019

Santa Monica was not at all what I expected, but I loved it. We went on the boardwalk and into the arcade, wasted a few bucks, saw some sea lions (really the best part of the trip) and walked around the cute shops. The beach was packed, so we didn’t even try and go down there. 

Sunday night I was exhausted so I suggested we drive around Mulholland drive which was such a good idea. We drove up the hill a little bit and found a small lookoff spot so we stopped, took a few pictures and resumed our drive. Then we stumbled across Canyon Run Park so we parked in an actual parking lot, went on another mini hike and took some more pictures. The view was pretty enough that it was worth me being terrified of the rattlesnake warnings posted everywhere. We continued up Mulholland drive for close to an hour, took a few little detours to see some insanely nice houses and headed home.

We made it home just before dark and resumed our binge watching of Euphoria, which we got through start to finish while I visited. 

Monday and Tuesday – Universal Studios and more food

My friend was working full time and didn’t get days off (hello college internships), so Monday was my big day at Universal and then I went over to Citywalk for dinner and shopping until they picked me up at 6:30. On tuesday, I planned to go back to Universal (thanks BOGO pass!), but I was too tired. So I napped, and packed, and cleaned, napped some more and watched some movies. We had our last dinner at Encino’s family pizzeria which was so good and if i knew it was there before, I would have gone a few times. 

Universal Studios, August 12, 2019
Universal City walk, August 12, 2019

Things I wanted to do but didn’t get to: Disneyland, Catalina Island, a beach day, Laguna Beach, Warner Brothers studio tour.