Free, Low-Maintenance Halloween Costumes That Won’t Offend Anyone

Free, Low-Maintenance Halloween Costumes That Won’t Offend Anyone

The older I get the less prepared for Halloween I am. Luckily, there are dozens of Halloween costumes just waiting to be found in your own closet! I’ve gathered the easiest costumes you can put together with the contents of your own closet. No money spent and no time wasted making an elaborate costume with felt or paper!

1. A farmer

You can do this with really anything if you have a flannel shirt but I thought it was a great excuse to break the overalls out! My Overalls are from Urban outfitters and I surprisingly have NO flannel shirts but I figured a plaid shirt would work just fine.

Top it off: straw hat, cowboy boots or some pigtail braids would complete the look.

2. Donna From Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia is my favorite movie. Absolute favorite. There’s so many different looks you could go with for this one but I chose the easiest and most classic look. Once again I had an excuse to wear the overalls and any white shirt completes the look.

Top it off: in the first movie Donna wore Sperry’s. I don’t have any, but I grabbed a super cool hat I thought would complete the look

Tip: my hat was black and many people asked me if I was a scarecrow. So if you’re not into Mamma Mia, you can go as a scarecrow without having to spend any money.

3. Alien

This was my costume last year! Galaxy leggings are not required but it does make the costume much easier. Grab galaxy leggings or something sparkly and pair it with anything that’s dark colored and you’re all set.

Top it off: space buns and glitter (not required) last year I put glitter everywhere. It was in my hair, on my face, my hands, I went all out. But this year I’m living with my parents and I didn’t want to cover the house with glitter.

4. Kim Possible

I’d like to thank the Disney gods for making Kim Possible’s look so classic. If you have Green jeans you’ve got the costume. If you don’t, Khakis could probably work. All you need for this is a black shirt, green pants, and maybe a flip phone and a belt.

Bonus points if you have red hair.

5. A witch, or modern day Wednesday Adams

I really haven’t figured out if witch costumes are offensive or not? They’re the symbol of Halloween. If you have an answer, please enlighten me.

Anyways, this costume was super easy and could be done in many ways. All you need is an all-black outfit. I have this celestial button-down shirt from Target that works perfectly for this and I figured I could pair it with my black maxi skirt! Black jeans would work too and the shirt definitely doesn’t have to have stars on it.

Top it off: once again my black hat from Target comes in handy and completes the “witchy” look.

6. Stevie Nicks

If you’re a member of my family you’re obligated to love all things Stevie Nicks. I also just wanted an excuse to wear my corduroy flare jeans. The shirt has bell sleeves which adds a witchy vibe to it.

And once again, my black hat would fit perfectly!!

I would love to see your take on these costumes or any other ideas for a look you can make without spending money!

Happy Halloween!