My Day at New York Fashion Week

My Day at New York Fashion Week

I’ve wanted to go to fashion week since I knew what it was. So this year, when I decided I should shoot my shot and check it out, I had a friend brave enough to say yes and let me live out my dream of being at fashion week.

Of course in my dreams I probably went to the best shows and had something I made in a show, but I never thought I would get to experience it in any capacity. Yes,it was as awesome as I hoped it would be.

Since Tom Ford took over NYFW, more “normal people” have been allowed to experience fashion week in all its glory. There’s a few tickets to the most coveted designers shows floating around for people fortunate (and wealthy) enough to get in. Some smaller shows open to the public go for $50 to a few hundred dollars, like the incredible Brandon Maxwell show, and then there’s the new, smaller businesses that have shows open for less than a hundred dollars.

I wish I had thoroughly done my research and purchased tickets for the Brandon Maxwell show, at the American Museum of Natural History. I really did consider it before we went, but it was more expensive than I was ready to commit to. If you pay attention to fashion week, you know the Brandon Maxwell show was one of the best this year.

Since we didn’t have money or experience, we picked a small show, HiTech Moda at National Geographic Encounter to attend. It was a children’s show, which we didn’t know before hand, but it was super exciting to be at a true NYFW show and I had a lot of fun. The first company that showed presented a collection that seemed to be for all ages and only used a handful of fabrics for the entire thing. It was a super cool sustainability-focused collection.

Afterwards I convinced my friend to go to Spring Studios, where the major NYFW shows were being held. I knew we couldn’t actually go inside, but I thought it would be cool to just be there and see what it was like. I’m not sure if my friend really enjoyed it but I truly could’ve sat there all day watching different people in such unique outfits going in and out of the studios.