New York City in 40 Hours

New York City in 40 Hours

Now that I’ve been to New York more than once, I feel like I have a grasp of the city. My most recent trip in April was my first time spending more than one day there and my mom and I had a blast enjoying the “city life” for a few days.

Pick one museum

Don’t fill your trip with museums, unless you aren’t interested in seeing the actual city. Yes, New York has so many amazing museums but you don’t want to miss out on everything else. We chose 2 museums, one that was our must see and the second one if we could squeeze in. 

Since my two favorite things are science and fashion, and New York city is filled with fashion, we chose the science museum, which was honestly my favorite part of the trip. We took the subway to the Museum which was way out of the way from everything else we were doing, and we took a cab back to our hotel. 

Have a central location

We got super lucky and the cheapest hotel happened to be on “fashion avenue”. We had a view of the empire state building, close access to the subway and our bus. Having the hotel in such a central location is not always feasible but it’s very helpful. We were able to drop our things off in our hotel room if we went shopping so we weren’t overloaded.

It was rainy Friday evening so we picked up an umbrella from the CVS near our hotel and went shopping.

Plan your trip by location

One of the things on the top of my list was to visit Soho, so that was Friday’s plan. We used the hop-on-hop-off bus to sight see on our way, and then we had a few hours to explore. We started out getting lunch at one of my favorite places, By CHLOE, and planning out our route. After that we went to Artist & Fleas and walked around looking at the different stores and the cool buildings. We finished our morning at Van Leeuwen’s Ice Cream with a gluten-free, vegan milkshake, which was worth the entire trip. 

After that we walked a few (dozen) blocks to Erin Mckenna’s Bakery, which was the other most important thing I wanted to do. 

Thursday we kept our adventures close to the hotel, which was around Fashion Ave and times square. Friday we enjoyed Soho, the Central park area, and Saturday we stuck to Chelsea and the High Line.

Take advantage of the typical touristy things

The hop-on-hop-off bus was a lifesaver. For cramming everything we wanted to do in less than 3 days with a medical condition, the bus gave us a breather and let us see more than we would have otherwise. The bus tours were also a super easy way to see the tourist things without taking a lot of time to go see them. I especially loved getting to sightsee while sitting down, because it made me feel at ease knowing I wasn’t totally “wasting” any time.

Mom and I loved being able to say that we used every mode of transportation to get around New York; Train, subway, Uber, taxi, and bus. Maybe next time we can get on a ferry boat.