About the Jewelry

Sweet As Sugarcane produces small-batch, handmade jewelry designed and made in Maryland. Our jewelry is timeless, versatile, and modern. Each piece is made with the intention of being worn hundreds of times for any and all occasions.

Our jewelry is made with modern trends in mind, while focusing on classic styles that won't go out of style in a few months.

Sustainability has been a priority since our start in 2019. We work to find materials that are made ethically, while still being in our budget.

Behind the Jewelry

My name is Miranda Mossburg and I'm the founder of Sweet As Sugarcane. My childhood dream job was to be a fashion designer. By the time I got to high school, I settled on a more practical career path and found my passion in psychology and biology. I earned my bachelor's degree in psychology from Towson University in 2020.

My college experience was not the best, so after moving home in 2018, I got back into sewing and started making jewelry. What started out as a distraction from my college experience quickly became my biggest passion. When the pandemic hit, my parents fully supported me focusing on Sweet As Sugarcane full time and I grew my Etsy shop in a few short months. 

As the world slowly re-opened, I started doing some vendor markets and began my second endeavor, Frederick Makers (Which is now known as Frederick MADE). I am still trying to learn how to balance 2 businesses, but I accomplished the goal I set in 2019 to sell at Artist’s & Flea’s in Chelsea Market, and Sweet As Sugarcane has a brick and mortar location through Frederick MADE. 

In 2022 I completed another goal - sew 50 clothing items for myself and friends - and I decided it was time to start selling clothes. While jewelry is still my main focus, I’m so excited to be producing some ready-to-wear clothing with patterns designed by me, as well as teaching sewing at Frederick MADE.