Surviving Finals Week

Surviving Finals Week

Think about your favorite TV show. The season finale is full of excitement and built-up story lines. Now, think of the episode before the season finale. All of those things that have been slowly happening in the season come to a head so that the finale doesn’t have a single second of down time.

This is finals week. You’re probably thinking I, who is about to begin my finals, has lost it. You might be right. But, think about it! There’s finals week but there’s also the last week of classes. If you’re in a class with monthly exams and a cumulative final, you probably have an exam in the last week before finals. All of those projects and papers somehow happen to be due on the same day even though classes aren’t on the same day.

Yes, if you were wondering, it is my last week of classes. The penultimate week of classes. But I have survived 4 other penultimate weeks of classes in my college career and I feel miraculously prepared! So I want to share my preparedness with you, in case you are also entering the penultimate week of the semester and feel like you’re about to enter the 7th dimension of hell.

Write it down

I don’t know if you’re the kind of person to make a spreadsheet of all of your assignments and due dates, or to write everything in an agenda. Bullet journal? Calendar? Phone? Finding out when you get to class? It really doesn’t matter. This week is not like other weeks. Unless you are taking a single class or seriously lucked out and don’t have something due for every class you’re taking, write it down. Write everything down. Not just in your agenda. Do it so you can see it. Do it so you have to see it. 

I have a bullet journal and Bloom planner that I use every week. However, both of those are getting left behind this week (Bullet journalers are gasping, don’t shun me). There’s so much going on in the last week of classes, I need to take it day by day.

I keep a monthly calendar in my room with every assignment written down. But for this upcoming week, I have a big notepad and I have written down a list for each day of things that are due. It helps so much. I take the paper with me everywhere and I know exactly what I need to be doing. Last semester my roommate and I kept a white board next to our door and I wrote my to-do’s the night before.

Don’t Starve

The other big thing I will be doing tomorrow is grocery shopping. I don’t meal prep. I just can’t be that prepared for my life. However, I do have a full stock of foods to last me the entire week that can fit in a lunch box or be grabbed going out the door. 

I’m not going to tell you to eat three balanced meals and worry about your veggies this week. All that really matters is that you actually eat. Every day. And hydrate!! Clean out that water bottle you haven’t used in days and fill it up every morning. 


No I’m not joking. I don’t mean take a bubble bath and meditate for three hours every night. This time last year I made my best friend read flash cards to me while I showered (love you). Practice vocabulary words while you color. Study with a friend at dinner. Just do something every day to keep you from losing all your marbles.

If you listen to music a lot (every college student), make a playlist of your favorite music or music you know you can focus to so you don’t have to worry about flipping through your library every half hour. 

If you love tea, just replace your water bottle with a travel mug and grab your favorite tea to drink all day.

Relaxing doesn’t have to be “not studying”. I get it. I’ll be attached to my laptop all week. It just means to do something to keep you focused and sane for the week.

Good luck and godspeed!