Taylor Swift’s Power Move

Taylor Swift’s Power Move

We are in the middle of two important times of the year; mid-term elections and the season of Taylor Swift. If you (which you probably are) are thinking “what the hell is the season of Taylor swift?”, its this! Every Taylor swift album has been released in October or November, so there it is. 

What’s more important is that Taylor Swift decided to make a statement about her political views which has a lot of people feeling a lot of things. Most people on social media are not so happy about it, but this is most likely one of the smartest moves she could have made. 

These midterm elections have a lot riding on them. With the latest supreme court issue and the person whose “running” the country doing whatever he is with America, there’s a lot at stake. The new wave of young voters are most likely the most politically charged generation of young people to be voting in many many years or the first of their kind. These people have grown up hearing about mass shootings, war, political drama, women’s rights and racism issues that history class told us ended decades ago. 

Although the craze around Taylor Swift has certainly died down since her rise to fame, the majority of young women in America still have a soft spot for her. Social media and news outlets really do love to hate on her, but she’s trying her best. The Star who began as a country singer surrounded by white men and generally conservative values stayed quiet on political issues almost entirely in the past. While many people evidently appreciated it, younger people often added it to their list of issues with the singer that she had a massive platform and chose to stay silence. I’m not arguing that staying silent is the right thing to do when facing issues we have been handed in recent years, but the decision to start talking now will have a much bigger impact than if she had been routinely making her political stances public.

Everyone that knew of Taylor Swift knew that she was not a “political activist”, and that’s why there is such a stir about her making a statement now. Not only did it indicate urgency felt by her to prevent the state of the country becoming even more conservative and misogynistic, everyone is talking about it. Regardless of where you stand politically, if you watch tv, listen to the radio or have a social media account, you’ve probably heard that she had something to say about the Tennessee midterm elections. Whether you wanted it or not, this may change opinions, votes, and the motivation of the millions of young people who are about to vote for the first time. Whatever side you’re on, register and show up for election day.