The best Gifts to stay comfortable in quarantine

The best Gifts to stay comfortable in quarantine

Stores have quickly adjusted this year to less dressy clothes and more comfy “work from home” items as we transition to a new normal. One of the silver linings of this is that there are so many more options for what to wear while you sit at home! More clothes are geared towards being comfortable and versatile so they can be worn at home and in the future if we (ever) get out of quarantine. Here are my personal favorites for cozy gifts this year for loved ones, or yourself!

Comfortable Slippers

These J. Crew slippers are the most expensive items on the list but they are so worth it. My mom bought a pair for herself and a pair for me during a sale last month and I’m obsessed. Ive been wearing the same pair of $10 slippers from target for close to two years now and getting a new pair was so nice. They are so warm and so soft! Im seriously considering buying a second pair so I can have a pair to wear out of the house, because they are so great. My mom and i have the leopard pair, but I also love the plaid ones! This week you can get them 45% off if you make a rewards account (it’s free!)

J.Crew slippers for women in leopard print
J.Crew slippers in leopard print

It’s like wearing a pillow

My new flannel infinity scarves are like pillows they are so soft. I love the infinity scarves because they are so easy to style and so comfortable. I even wear them around the house because they feel so nice and warm.

grey, yellow, black and red flannel infinity scarf
Sweet As Sugarcane Flannel infinity scarf

This cropped hoodie from Target is one of the only hoodies I own, but i have 3 of them. I loved the black one so much I got a second and put one of my pumpkin graphics on it! They are so warm and soft, and they aren’t cropped too short like many “cropped” items are.

The jacket of the season

Amazon shearling jacket I have been looking for a jacket like this all year. I love jackets. I have way more jackets than i need, and I still find new ones I have to have constantly. Jackets are great because there are so so many styles for them. Even with puffy winter coats, there’s like half a dozen styles for them. So this is my latest jacket and it’s so great. My mom used to have this “teddy coat” from Cabi that I always wanted. This is a little oversized and I especially like it because the inside of the coat is the same material, so it’s extra soft.

Light brown fuzzy zip jacket from Amazon paired with green short-sleeved Christmas tree farm tshirt from Sweet As Sugarcane
I paired this jacket from Amazon with one of my new Christmas Tee’s from Sweet As Sugarcane

I’ve been to H&M 3 times in the last week because my brother just got a professional job and needed business clothes. Our first trip of the week, I found this $15 fuzzy half-zip sweater in grey that is SO soft. It’s like wearing a blanket and it’s also just as soft on the inside! I can’t find it online at all (I spent 4 hours searching on Friday) but this is just like it, the same price, and is just as soft

J.Crew slippers paired with H&M fuzzy gray quarter zip

This abercrombie waffle shirt is so comfortable and has a lot of unique colors! The shirt actually looks 100x more comfortable in person than it does online, I bought it in stores and then found the online link to share with my mom and noticed that the stock photo really doesn’t do it justice. It’s even softer than American Eagles “soft & sexy” shirts, but this doesn’t hold sweat stains like AE’s does. 

Of course my very favorite blanket scarves are the coziest gifts you can find. There are so many ways to wear them and they have pockets! Really, what more could you ask for? 

Plaid blanket scarf with pockets
Sweet As Sugarcane plaid blanket scarf

My heating pads are perfect gifts for 2020! I love the big star of course, but the mini ones are my actual favorites. I have tons of heating pads but I always struggled with chronic pain and choosing where to put my heating pad. With the set of mini ones, you can use them anywhere and they’re perfect to fit in your coat pocket if you’re going out during the winter!

Black fleece star heating pads from Sweet As Sugarcane
star-shaped heating pads