The Winter Coats You’ll Want To Wear All Year Long

Today is our very first snow day of the year in Maryland. It’s also the earliest snow day into the season I ever remember! To celebrate I’m taking the time to write up some of the blog posts that have been on my to do list for way too long. 

My very favorite time of the year is October-January. I love fall, I love winter. I love the cold weather. I love the style. It’s so much easier to feel stylish in the colder months when you can come up with dozens of perfect sweater/jacket combinations. Summer is hard to stay on trend all the time, it’s too hot to worry about looking good. 

Since we are now fully immersed in the cold-weather season, I’m going to share my favorite coat styles this season. Since I already have over a dozen coats (I wish I was joking) I haven’t gotten any of the ones on my list. I have to make the hard decision of what coats to give up before I can get any more.

If you don’t have the same problem I do and you’re searching for the perfect winter coat, look no further. 

The Teddy coat

The price of this coat makes it seem too good to be true. One of the top trends this season, the Teddy coat can be worn with everything. Comes in 12 different colors, the khaki coat is exactly what you need. 

Dress it up: 5 colors can be ordered as a double-breasted button-up instead of a zipper  jacket, which makes it look much fancier than the regular zip up.
If you’re feeling seriously boujee, Abercrombie and Fitch has a teddy coat available for $120

The Puffer Coat

Abercrombie really did it. Who thought that a puffer coat would be on the trend list?? Shorter, bright colored puffer coats are on the list of top picks this season. This year you can actually be warm and stylish! This coat is my favorite because it’s not too bright but the color-block makes it more fun than your regular coat.

The trench coat

Abercrombie took the classic trench coat and made it warmer and more festive. As always, style meets practicality for Abercrombie and this coat lets you have the classic look of a trench coat with the warmth you need.

The Plaid pullover

This may not exactly be a coat, and it probably isn’t the warmest option, but I do own this one and it’s the perfect outer layer for those fall or spring days. I can put this one on over my sweater for my walk to class and I don’t need a coat (yet)!

The Vest

Loft took the classic puffer vest and added an incredibly unique twist to it. This beautiful velvet vest is exactly what your capsule wardrobe needs!

If you’ve got any of these looks, send a picture! I know I did not add the most talked about coat of the season, the leopard print coat, but I haven’t decided how I feel about it yet.