Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Gifts on a budget

Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Gifts on a budget

I never really liked valentines day. It was one of those made up holidays that seemed ridiculously silly to me and I can never eat chocolate, so it just annoyed me. So it’s been pretty weird having a business and coming up with products to fit the “valentines day” theme. I’ve actually really enjoyed it. I don’t know if I actually like valentines day now, but it’s been fun to find pretty, colorful materials and make things that fit a theme.

Galentines day, however, is a made up holiday that I love. If Galentines day is a completely foreign concept to you, here’s the dictionary’s take on it:

So if you happen to like valentines day or you celebrate Galentines day instead, here are my favorite products perfect for the occasion, whether you’re shopping for someone or trying to be festive.

Gifts under $10

Velvet Scrunchies  are only $3 each and these colors are perfect for Valentine’s day! Our pink jeweled and purple scrunchies are very festive, but we also have black glitter, blue and green scrunchies.

My very favorite star hair pins are always under $10. Small ones are $6 for a set of two, and the large ones are $8 for a set of two. Copper and pink sparkly pins have just been added today! The hair pins have also just been revamped and are now made with much more durable materials. All hair pins are made with felt and sewn to the bobby pins so they’re stronger and less likely to pull on your hair.

The best-selling star beaded friendship bracelets in pink are so fun and perfect for Valentine’s day! If pink isn’t your thing, or whomever you’re shopping for, there are 7 other colors available, all for $10.

Made just for Valentine’s day, these wire heart earrings are just like my wire star earrings, but they’re only available for the month of February and they’re available in three sizes! The small earrings are available for $10.

Gifts under $25

The medium and large versions of the wire heart earrings are $14 and $16, also only available in February!

The stone bar bracelets featured are the pink pearls (bottom), Sunstone (middle), rose quartz (right) and a special limited edition pink stone (left). Each bracelet is $16, available in gold or silver and comes with a small card about the gemstone.

The other bright and colorful bracelets perfect for valentines day are the sparkle and shine mini bracelets in red for $16, and the sparkle and shine bracelet in light purple for $20.

From the very special for you collection, the engraved bar necklace and personalized initial necklace are $20 and available in gold or silver, while the personalized beaded bracelet ranges from $20-$26.

Finally, the gemstone jewelry sets (not pictured) are $24 and a perfect, simple gift for a loved one.

Place your orders on the website or on Etsy by February 10th for guaranteed delivery for valentine’s day. If you’re local to Frederick, the deadline extends to February 12th.