Welcome back!

Hello loyal followers!!

I, once again, disappeared during the school year. I have just finished my third year of college and it was nothing short of crazy. Two colleges at once, averaging 16 credits total and a new job and it feels so good to be done!

Honestly, I have not done anything but sit around wondering what to do with myself. But I have a five page long list of articles to write and I’m so happy to be writing, creating and sewing again (and sleeping).

I wanted to share a little bit about what’s gone on since I’ve visited last. I just committed to spending next year at Towson University, where I will be finishing my bachelor degree in psychology! I’m very excited and I’m hoping that this will finally be what I was looking for all along.

I’ve been working at a certified gluten-free restaurant since the end of February. I love learning how to cook and I’m enjoying it a lot! I have not learned how to cook a ton of things yet, but considering I couldn’t cook at all when I started, it’s going pretty well.

My mom and I celebrated my 21st birthday in New York City, which was our first time there together. We spent many hours in the Mood Fabric store and ate our way through manhattan. I saw the Empire State Building for the first time and we managed to use every form of public transportation New York has to offer!

The view from our hotel!

I was also very lucky to design and make a dress for my friend Rose to wear for her senior gala, a tradition to celebrate graduation at St. Mary’s. It was like a dream come true for me, and I’m so thankful she took a chance on me.

I promise I will not be a stranger anymore! Talk soon!