The Jewelry Trends Dominating 2023

The trend reports came in January, and NYFW just confirmed these are the best trends for jewelry this year. We're sharing our favorites and our pieces that are inspired by these trends! Check it out - 

Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day 

Hearts are everywhere this year and they’re sticking around long past Valentine’s Day. You can find hearts in the form of metal or enamel charms, stone beads, rings, earrings and statement pendants. 

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Personalized pieces 

Lockets, initial charms and stamped jewelry are huge hits this year. Initial charms and rings are selling out quickly in boutiques and personalized jewelry has been one of Etsy’s top sellers all year. Fortunately, these pieces have been made in virtually every style, so there’s something for everyone. 

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Jumbo pearls

Pearls are the most timeless and versatile jewelry one can find. While pearls of any size are popular year-round, jewelers have been featuring oversized pearls in their spring collections. Jumbo pearls make great pendants and statement earrings this season. 

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Thick chains

While this season's fashion trends are less grunge and more sequins, sheer and pastels, chains aren’t going away anytime soon. Bold statement necklaces, large chain bracelets or cuffs, and even chain earrings are sticking around and can be paired with some of the more elegant trends for a well-rounded look. 

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Extra long earrings

Shoulder-skimming earrings are all the rage this year, and no, I’m not referring to fringe earrings. Make a statement with extra-long earrings of any style, even if it’s fringe. I won’t hold it against you. 

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